Blog world, Here I come!

Yes, finally, I have created my own blog!

I have been thinking of starting my own food blog for quite some time now. Being a busy graduate student, I kept on postponing it, thinking that I will start it when I am done with my studies. But then, recently, I realized that there will be some or the other preoccupations in my life at all times. Why not give blogging a shot right now.

This blog will mainly be a collection of my thoughts on food. I would like to share healthy and nourishing recipes with you. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!

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2 Responses to Blog world, Here I come!

  1. dushan says:

    Great ! Can’t wait to see the next post.

  2. HungryReader says:

    I’m hungry already.
    Looking forward to this, All the Best!!!

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